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Default Re: Who is the Real Enemy ?

Actually, to clear the misunderstanding... I am canadian... my hands touch canadian money so...

I'll take the blame.

"Dear Prime Minister Paul Martin,

Did any new funny canadian dollars pass through your dirty hands with a few URLS on them? It is me, mary! I did it!

Mary wrote on your money! Mary wrote on your money. What a rediculous "crime" against society. Is money sacred to you cuz it isn't to me.

P.S. Kiss my ass for being such a wanker and dragging Canada further down the shithole. One day you will be held accountable for your crimes against Canada - by Canadians, the world over.

Mary XXX"

Dearest sable,

The two american bills i held onto, i discovered why, in the thread "is money worth paper printed on?". This theory applies to canadian currency and most probably most global currencies today... bank globilization - fraud.

If people in america want to doodle on their money...

If people in china want to doodle...

Australia? Britain? Canada? anywhere?

Where there is corruption, let the almighty dollar bear the truth.

I have a good habit of seeing the big picture. I was hoping for a trend from country to country... that was what I envisioning.

The buck from Toronto enlightens the person from Victoria.

The buck from new york enlightens the dude in washington.

Maybe money will cross boarders?

Money changes hands frequently, more than words... believe it or not. There is still a heck of a lot of over-printed money running through peoples hands. It isn't all credit.

That's what I believe people should start doing again... use money... fu@k credit. As you said, if you can't afford it it will own you... you are in debt.

I understand exactly how bad things are there... my eldest child's father missing... Christian Iraqi American citizen. Not cool.

If people choose, let them doodle. Pass the truth on, by whatever means possible and always in peace, not in fear. Speak, type, pray, print... it's all good.

Just my opinion... thanx for the check

Mary XXX
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