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Default Re: Mircea Eliade


You are a Muslim, or a Mohamedian, since your source of beliefs come from Mohamed. Therefore, the only proof you have of your beliefs is the testimony of a tribal chief who killed and cheated, against the testimony of the sinless Jesus. I still choose Jesus. Why Mohamed's visions would supersede the New Testament ? Because he had a vision ? I choose not to believe Mohamed. I believe Jesus is God, I believe in the Trinity. I believe worshipping Jesus is worshipping God.

Of course you classify all your sins as MINOR. How do you know that they are small ? The Bible tells us that a single MINOR sin is enough to separate us from God. You are up to a big surprise if you think your efforts are enough to make you acceptable to God. And I don`t dispute that you try hard and sincerely, but it will never be enough. What a burden you must carry !

It is interesting that you believe that forgiveness is a free pass to sin. It is not, and I am sure that you understood that very well.

Your problem is with Jesus and His offer of forgiveness, which you reject. OK. You are absolutely free not to acceppt Him as Savior, but I would really appreciate if you stopped blaming Christianity for being an excuse to sin. You know that the New Testament doesn`t say that (Paul says explicitly in the book of Romans that grace is not an excuse for sinning) and serious Christians don`t think that they are free to sin. It is really unfair if you keep blaming us.

Even though I think Muslims will not be saved, I reckon that serious Muslims may be sincerily trying to be good in the way they know best, so it would be fine if you could return me (and all Christians) this courtesy.
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