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Default Re: ARE THEY WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE? And that is...?

Yeh...reviving the Roman Empire! LOL LOL LOL the method of retreat!

I still find it hard to beleive the wogs once ruled the Earth? Thats like saying the Micks once ruled the Earth...from a pub...a long line of communication!

BTW...these are terms of endearment in Oz.

Sorry Marco...of course I admire the Italian intelligence. Fighting stupid wars when you could be home sipping wine and checking out the Bella's. Australians love to give it to the wogs for there retreat in battle...but who's smarter? Mercs for the Brits, or men who wanted to go home to their families?

Not that it's entirely relevent but I read the key to the Roman order of battle is that they taught, over and over, their troops to 'thrust' with their swords rather than slash away in a frenzy.

Once pierced, the enemy would drop immediately from shock. You can be slashed an awful lot and still keep going.

Must remember that.
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