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Default Re: ARE THEY WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE? And that is...?

Do all of the uses of these symbols mean the same thing they did back at their incepetion? Do the people who decide to use the symbols always know what the original meaning was - not usually.
I've made this point earlier. Very important. One of the problems today when speaking about these issues is that the meanings of symbols and words get corrupted, either on purpose or unintentionally. So it's difficult to talk about these things with someone who takes it for granted that the meaning of for instance, the swastika, is evil due to Hitler's use of it. What about all the ancient civilization all over the world who have used the same symbol? Have they all been Nazis? I don't think so. The swastika in all these ancient civilizations was used as a symbol for the sun. Just an example.

How about this interpretation of the cross:

Also the cross has been found being used long before the advent of Christianity. There are people who say that the "original" meaning of the so-called <a href="">"solar cross"</a>
is the division of the cell; first there is the monad,
a symbol for the Sun or the One, that is God. This is then split in two halves which symbolizes God's division of Heaven from Earth, which then is also divided so we get the "solar cross", which of course have multiple meanings: the elements, the seasons, the temperaments, etc.
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