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Default Re: DENVER AIRPORT: Will it be the NWO Headquarters?

Of course there's something in the masonic cornerstone.......

Freemasons always like to lay the cornerstone in architecture, they have done with the new World Trade Centre complex too.......

We have discussed Denver I.A in the past, in particular the supposed 'Masonic' phrases......Also if anyone could be bothered to read all the pages on Anomalies Unlimited, the last page also confirms it.

It just goes to show though, that people jumping on the phrases as being 'masonic' and then in fact, they aren't, is evidence enough regarding the general prjudice of conspiracy buffs regarding Freemasons. A prejudice which has been carefully nurtured and implemented by the true masters of deciet - the Vatican. Anyway, I digress.......

COCHETOPA: Places in Colorado. A mountain pass, hills,and a creek are named Cochetopa. There is also a Cochetopa Park. Means pass of the buffalo apparently.

SISNAAJINI: Navaho term for the mountain called Mount Blanca in Colorado. It is one of the four sacred mountains of the Navaho, one of the four pillars.

MT BLANCA: This mountain is referred to by the Navaho term above.

DZIT DIT GAII: This phrase is what many conspiracy theorists, had thought was some kind of evil illuminated mantra. But if you note that the floor of the Denver Airport is adorned with the words SISNAAJINI & MT BLANCA,
both referring to the same specific "white mountain", you should not be surprised that "dzit dit gaii" refers to this as well. Not only is sisnaajini the Navaho word for a specific "white mountain", but the word "dzit" is Navaho for mountain, and "gaii" is Navaho for white. I could not find what "dit" means, but
the phrase refers again to "white mountain".

The floor designs located in the four subcores of Concourse B were inspired by the geologic and geographic uniqueness of Colorado. These designs feature broad patterns of colored terrazzo accented by stone tile, precast concrete, and cast bronze inlays. The terrazzo patterns are derived from fossil shapes found in Colorado. Tile shapes, made from polished precast concrete, are actual representations of these fossil images. The cast bronze embeds are selectively located and depict more fossils, including those found at the DIA site; as well as dinosaurs, Native American symbols, and names of unique areas of Colorado.

ARTISTS BIOS: Carolyn Braaksma earned a BA at Metropolitan State College in Denver in 1990. She exhibits nationally and has completed several site specific commissions throughout Denver and Colorado. Her recent work is
primarily composed of cast concrete and cast bronze.

Mark Villarreal earned a BFA at the Kansas City Art Institute in 1982 and has been an exhibiting abstract painter in Colorado since 1983.

Finally, if I had the money, I'd buy land in Colorado, it must be one of the safest places on Earth.

Butts Army Airfield, Fort Carson (Colorado Springs), CO, USA
Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Falcon Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, CO, USA
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