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I just found this site and it would be interesting to compile some data and cross reference the names and effects of the different techniques:

The following is a list of all the hypothetical
mind control projects that I am aware of:

Radiation, Mind Control, & Surveillance Projects
1.Rumored Mind Control Projects
1.JANUS Project
- a covert government's secret
electromagnetic/radio frequency mind control
project based at a documented subterranean
facility beneath the derelict Montauk Air Force
Station, at the extreme east
end of Long Island's south fork (entitled
Montauk Air Force Station
Mind/consciousness/reality control.
3.MK-ULTRA Project
4.SAGE radar sites -(All SAGE radar dish sites were constructed with at least four levels of underground directly underneath the supporting
tower structure itself.)
SAGE (Semi-Automated Ground Environment)
actually refers to the manner in which radar
and communications information was
automatically routed from all radar sites to a
central Control & Command center

5. Project Woodpecker by the Russians which utilzes scalar electromangetic pulsed gravatic(time-space) Tesla - radar waves.
6. Thor's Eye
7. - Global Technology
World Alliance-Australia
Which connects global corporations and governmental military organizations.
9. Secret Societies & Shadow Governments
10. U.S. Projects
US Command, Control, Communication, Intelligence Agency
Technologies used:
1.Active Denial Technology - nonlethal microwave technology system.
2.Weak ELF (Tesla Pyramid Power)
Unclassified Navy DEW
Other DEW
Omega and GWEN radiation towers

11.Earth human forces on the moon.
12. ET's
The moon and hidden moons
Mt. Shiasta (Pledians?)
Various underground bases throughout the world.
Mars and Venus.

2.Radiation Experimentation Projects
HAARP (High Altitude Auroral Research Project)
3.Surveillance Projects
Echelon(UK,Newzealand,Austrailia,US ?,Russia ?,Japan ?)
"It is run by the U.S. National Security
Agency (NSA), and paid for almost entirely by American taxpayers, it is a multinational spying effort that involves the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and, to a lesser degree, Italy and Turkey Listening posts in West Virginia, Colorado and the state of Washington, but that its headquarters in Fort George Meade, Md. There are also Echelon satellites.
Information obtained from Subj: [prj] Echelon: The secret is out.
Date: 4/18/01 3:50:19 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Mark A. Smith)
To: (Mark Smith)"
Echelon Worldwide spying network is revealed
Echelon Addendum & International Laws
European and Japanese concern over ECHELON

"Tempest - "can secretly read the displays on personal computers, cash registers and automatic teller machines, from as far as a half mile away infromation here an below in quotes obtaine from
Subj: [prj] Echelon: The secret is out.
Date: 4/18/01 3:50:19 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Mark A. Smith)
To: (Mark Smith)"

"The underlying theory is that electronic circuits create “compromising emanations.” Not to be confused with interference,
these are subtle but measurable changes in surrounding systems—comparable to the dip in line voltage that occurs when the light in your refrigerator goes on as you open the door."

"NSA is said to have perfected Tempest to the point at which it can reconstruct the images that appear on a video display or TV screen. We
have posted the declassified NSA report on Tempest at
Take care when you read it. You never know who might be looking over your shoulder, from a half mile away."

Tempest: The Laws of Canada, England and the United States

4.Countries that may have international mind control projects and directed
energy weapons:


Here's some google search results and links:
1. and 2.Janus mind control project and Montauk Project seem to be the same:
Janus Von Neumann was once more made senior scientific director as the Phoenix Project avenues of research were taken to extraordinary new heights. This, the so-called "Montauk Project" specifically, dealt for the most part with psychotronic and interdimensional areas of experimentation. Electromagnetic mind control experiments using high-powered radio frequency transmissions were conducted

3.Declassified MK-Ultra Project Documents:

4.SAGE seems to be tied in with Montauk

5. Project woodPecker from Russia
HAARP Project
Nikola Tesla Technology
HAARP, Weather War, And EMF Mind Control
"Co-author Jean Manning, in conversation with a ham operator, learned that as early as 1975-76 the Soviet Union was beaming radio-frequency signals toward North America. Ham operators were picking up the 10-hertz (pulses per second) frequencies which they called Woodpecker signals because of the tapping they heard from extremely low frequency (ELF) waves. It was speculated that his ELF frequency could resonate the neurons in the human brain over great distance, resulting in mood changes in a large part of the population.

These ELF waves could cause communication interference, power failures, and weather modification designed to have a devastating effect on food production."

6. Thor's Eye
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