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Default Re: Darth wants me to Kill People!

Originally Posted by Darth Cacodaemon View Post
Why BlueAngel, you know more of that then I do.

Actually, I don't, but you have represented to the forum that you do. Care to supply the names of those persons whom you have suggested on numerous occasions that I kill/murder without mercy or compassion?

I was simply humoring a very sick, deluded person. In fact I pity you. But I am sure with the energy weapon that Bruce Springsteen's assasins are using along with the device implanted in your head, that is difficult for you to understand.

Your humor is sick. Kindly quote wherein I have alluded to a connection between Springsteen/energy weapons or assassins and/or a device implanted in my head.

Dear, I fear for your mental health. You know, not taking your Thorazine is unhealthy. Have you spoken to your psychiatrist lately? I think you need electroconvulsive therapy or maybe to be hospitalized. It's for your own good, dear.

I don't have a prescription for Thorazine. I don't have a psychiatrist, but I'm certain you do and, if not, are in dire need of one.

I mean that email you sent me has me worried. Really, think of your family. If you commit suicide they would be devestated. I suggest you call your Community Health board if your too destitute to find a psychiatrist to proscribe the proper anti-psychotics to you.

You know I never sent you an email. Why are you lying?
Inside the box.

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