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Default Re: Getting to know you ..

Once the illusion understood and digested, once we have enough energy to see what is, the hardest part is behind us. We just have to get rid of our remaining illusory beliefs, recapitule our energy still caught in the web, and then act according to this new awareness. Even if we have to abandon years of hard work, it doesn't matter! We must have trust that the essential will stay and that the lessons learnt in pain are forever engraved in our hearts. We thank heaven for these experiences, we have a good cry, and then we start walking with a light heart on this new unexplored road.

I agree %110.31615927 with this quote RANGE. Especially the 'have a good cry bit'.

Whats 3.1615927 Drak/Nomad/NOHOPE/GR?
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