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Hello to you all there, i just dropped in here.
It`s good to see people here, that know where they talking about.

When i first readed about Illuminati and freemasons... was about 2 years ago.
My parents are christians and told me things about the bible. Also about how satan is doing his work in this world. (End of Times) So everything about the occult. I read a book thats called "The domain of the snake" Well this is translate from dutch to english. I dont know if this book exits in English.
It expose all the work of satan. And that was good to know, so i knew i had to kep my self away from it.
When i first read about illuminati, it was weird. I believd it because all the other things i all ready knew. I have a uncle thats a freemason, i knew about the end of times, my partents left the chruck because the priest had practice the occult. My parents told about it, but he didn`t listen. Well... the whole church didn`t listen. (This is also written in the bible, the where will stand up false priets in the end of time). And alot of other stuff...
So it was kinda weird for me, my whole reality shifted 180 degrees. I was en still am, not old and going to clubs drinken beer... And you knew all these kinda stuff, and you see how blind the masses around you are...
But from then i educated myself everyday.

And im reading the whole bible now, and thats a good thing :-) I believe GOD en Jesus exits, i only need to reborn again.

PS. Sorry for my bad English.

Alex Jones Martial Law <--- MUST SEE

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