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Default Re: Was Christ A Mere Prophet Or God? Excellent Book On Subject.

At this point the debate of who Christ is meaningless if we do not incorporate the values that he stood for in our lives. The Christ is only a symbolic representation that all human beings can acquire if we incorporate the word of God in our lives. The Christ only means the "annointed one". It is the word of God that annoints you. The miracles of Jesus are symbolic. It is satanic that the learned church leaders have not told Christians the truth about Christianity. The earlier leaders felt that they needed to hide the truth of the religion with symbolism to protect them from their presecution in Rome. After all they were being fed to the lions. The early church leaders felt that they needed to incorporate Roman mythology into their religion. The thinking was that when the church was not being persecuted anymore then the church leaders could reveal the secrets of the religion. You do not have to believe what I am saying, but the fact is that if you study Rome, you can connect the paganism that is similar to Christianity.

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