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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

Preliminary Conclusions

Differences, such as the actual times of dichotomy in each model, can be expected to show up because the geostatic and heliocentric(/geocentric) systems work in a different way. In particular, extra components of motion must be assigned to the World, in order for the heliocentric model to tally with reality. Here, though, we have deliberately sought a phenomenon that does not depend upon one such ad hoc motion (namely, the supposed rotation of the World about an 'axis'), and investigated the behaviour of the two conflicting models.

The correct model will agree with all observations. The phase 'anomaly' of Venus is an undeniable, observational fact, that has been known of for at least two hundred years (from the time of its description by Schröter). The heliocentric idea does not predict what actual observations consistently show. The heliocentric idea must therefore be wrong (as was demonstrated by Arago, Airy, Michelson & Morley, Michelson & Gale, Trouton & Noble, et al.). On the other hand, the geocentric, geostatic model, insofar as it has been tested, correctly matches the data.

These investigations remain on-going, but appear extremely promising. In particular, I remain confident that God's written word will once again prove to be totally vindicated and, if so, in a way that could not be more fitting, or ironic, for the observed phases of Venus is the exact same phenomenon that Galilei originally (and fraudulently) claimed disproved a geostatic cosmos
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