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Default Feel free to help me out here

In my Speech class at school, I have to give this persuasive speech that's at least 5 minutes long, but no longer than 7. So I've decided on making my speech about convincing the class that government sponsored terror (GST) exists. I thought I might cover a little history concerning communism lifting some ideas off of Draken's gulag thread with New Lies of Old and Gulag Archipellago and then talking about Hegel refining Marx's theory of dialectical materialism to the thesis + antithesis ----> synthesis model and then talk in terms of problem + reaction ----> solution. Then I'd give examples of GST. Then I would ask the question are we really free? and point out certain existing draconian laws that say we're not. Then I'd have some kind of emotional conclusion that makes everybody in the class shit their pants.
So, what do ya'll think? Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is probably my best opportunity to waking sheeple up. Remember, it can't be more than 7 minutes though. :-P

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