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Default Re: Feel free to help me out here must proceed to the mighty one..Alex Jones and ask for guidence in your quest.

Definately focus on the left right paradigm rat maze everyone is stuck in. How they control the debate.

Then go into the surveillence grid being set up under theguise of consumer convienence and security and pose the question to the class...

"What happens if another Stalin, another Hitler comes to power through dubious means, like stealing an election, and they have at their disposal Police State powers and an enormous public surveillence system...what then? What protections will the public have? What gaurantee's for free speech and dissent towards a totalitarian State? God help the public who exist in such a society where in the blink of an eye, systems designed for consumer convienence and security are turned against the citizenry and these same conviences hang the public good by the neck until dead."

"With the move towards electronic voting, proven as completely compromised, combined with a vast electronic surveillence grid, the possibility of Totalitarian Dictatorship makes ones knees shake. The public, only slightly aware, feels a slight gagging reflex. They are yet to catch on, a giant noose has been deftly placed around their neck and all that awaits is Centralised Power prepared to pull it tight".

Try to make it relevent to the day to day experiences of the class. You might want to include a short history of oil scams to drive up prices.

Good Luck!
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