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Default Re: Site Disruptors: How Will We Deal With Them?

We WILL have disinfo posters who are here for nothing more than to trainwreck ANY post that hits too close to home. The spooks PAY people to scour the internet every hour of the day looking for site like this just to cause division amongst us, the plebes.

I ignore most posts about religion because it is the best weapon they can use to divide us.

Our best bet is to IGNORE any posts made by someone seeking to derail a hot topic with an asinine comment. Continue on with the discussion at hand. They'll do one of three things (or all three): disappear, start name calling/inciting violence or spam the thread with empty posts. If the latter two happen, we petition Henry or his moderators to BAN them. Not just the username, but the IP address.

Speaking of banning IP addresses, Henry, have you given any consideration to banning IP blocks of known government/intelligence ISP servers? Just a thought. I know VoxFux used to keep a list of them somewhere on his site.

Power to the People!

Mr. Shady
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