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Default Avian Bird Flu...Possible Pandemic. Spreading Human To Human.

Though there is currently a MArbehrg virus outbreak in Africa, i've always thought the place to watch is Asia.

This particular Avian Bird Flu outbreak is being reported as the most aggressive yet seen. It's even spread to cats and dogs and even tigers. Over 100 tigers were put down in an Asian country recently.

Human to human is being reported but a systemic, consistent chain of human to human infection has'nt happened yet.

The big population reduction programs will be happening in Asia. The Chinese Elite especially, need a massive population reduction immediately to both distract their agitating peasantry and kill off excess, unproductive worker units (NWO speak for unuseful humans).

Watch Asia.

It will keep unwanted developments off the mainstream news as well. Asiatics are 'un-people' to the NWO so they will go first.

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