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Default Re: Why Private Property Equals Private Liberty - Clinical Analysis By Butler Shaffer

Yeh, thats my point...the Left is using it as fodder for a workers paradise. Rifkin dissapoints me...i had alot of time for his work until now.

I'm sorry dear Drak...i can never partake in your love of feudalism...for one, it ends in 'ism' and 2, it absolves people of personal responsability.

I have no objections to Feudalism on a small scale such as small communities. But never on the large scale whereby people have nowhere to go if they dont like it. The potential for Totalitarianism is to great.

In the end Feudalism is Paternalism...daddy knows best. I dont think we can go back. It's to much like Durkheim and his 'organic system' thingy where everyone in society knows there place in the system of things.

It could work in an extremely advanced psychologically, society, but...well, dont hold your breath.

Ultimately it should be that the law of the land is written unto their own hearts...and i'm not sure how you get that. Suffering usually brings it on and we indeed may be up for a spot of it.

Loved the article BTW. Could'nt agree more. Which begs the cant even build a pergola without a satellite peering into your backyard and a beauracrat giving you permission...who owns your house?
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