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Default PRESSURE: To Keep Up with the Joneses

We all went through that teen stage where we needed to have the latest clothing, hair style, and such. And when we would say: "well Kathy Dudelee has a new bluejean jacket, why can't I".
Of course mom would respond something like: "you don't have to follow the rest, just be yourself and dress neat, clean and decently". "You don't have to have the same thing as everyone else".
"You don't have to follow what everyone says or does". How true that rings today as an adult.

But are we "pulled in" by the advertisers, the celebrity spokespersons, and the people on your block that show off their new 'this and thats'??

Why is it that if you have a automobile that is 5 years old, we are considered (not conservative, and consumer conscious) but the one's that can't afford!!

Hmmm. Do we really need a new car every two years? Do we really need to get a whole new sound system the minute the latest one is advertised in the Sunday's sales paper?

Do we really need to buy major name brand canned carrots?

Are we "sucked-in" by the hooplah to have the newer, nicer, better, mega STUFF??

I know at times I was. I'm only human. I wanted to show my hard-earned money through a car, gadget of some sorts, clothing, dining out. And giving.

But is there other reasons?? ---RESPECT? ---GETTING THE BEST SERVICE?? ---BEING GIVEN EQUAL TIME AND ATTENTION In Consumer Matters?-as if money is no object?? --Perhaps, we didn't want people to distance themselves from us!

I think we all have been 'sucked in'. We all would like to have that feeling of being well off.

But the truth is that many americans here in the US are just a few months away from poverty level should they lose their jobs and remain unemployed for about 6, 7 months. Those new gadgets won't 'cut it'! They might have to pawn them!!!

Have you been 'sucked in' into the world of materialism, and projection of 'everything's OK'?

Are your children pressured by the pop stars, and athletes, and miscellaneous advertisements?

Everything is advertisement!! Everyone wants you to buy buy buy.

I think I'll keep my 5 year old Dodge mini van a little longer. My 4 year old 20" TV is just fine. And, keep some money in the bank. This way I can enjoy going out to a nice dinner with friends, as I dress neat and decently (like mom said), and share some laughs. (And sleep well at night.)

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