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Default Re: Feel free to help me out here

following some threads and members i find
yours to be too obvious. either most here know you're trying to pull the
wool over some eyes, or they are fixed on your charm.

let me explain:
you are supposedly not involved with freemasonry?
yeah right.

but you were in demolay, i see from an early post

you have freemason in your family to begin with, am i correct?

you have been in military for 5 years

you say you are in college/school

your cute story about giving a speech in speech class portrays you like someone unfamiliar with the timeline/history of conspiracy. so now you appeal to everyone for assistance. cute little game you have going. i'm sure you get your jollies.

but yet you are a conspiracy buff who informs neighbors, friends of the nwo. sure you do.

you give tapes of conspiracy videos to friends/neighbors. sure you do.

you (on many occasions) have given short answers, very concise, on government, conspiracy, and NWO. demolay/freemason education is a different education--isn't it?
an education for those that are worthy. like you.

you say your father is irish, your mother jew

VERY good team for the makes of freemason material. you must feel truly blessed.

you are trying to display yourself as the average joe at times, but yet you are knowledgeable in arena of freemasons, nwo, agendas of illuminati, etc.

you are fakery. but so far you do what you do so well. i do not trust you. you are in no fear of the nwo. you are home free.

BTW: you slipped up, i'm not sure if others caught some things. i've caught plenty. but carry on.

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