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Default Another "Wag The Dog" Extract...Why The Intelligence Services Keep Quiet. WMV File Available

800k WMV File

Conrad Bain and Co (the Presidents 'clean up man') have been pulled over by the CIA who are about to end their little 'manufactured' war.

Conrad convinces the CIA Agent that if he doesn't let the scam go ahead he will eventually be out of a job as 'terrorists' are the security threat of the future.

This point of the movie high lights a simple fact...many intelligence service employees want to keep their job and pay their mortgages and will convince themselves that what they are doing or ignoring is right.

Convincing themselves that even if their own government pulled off 9-11 it was for the good of a naive populace who don't know danger till it has them by the nose.

A legitimate Pearl Harbor designed to get a naive population behind a war that is supposedly necessary. Indeed, Manufacturing Consent with a contrived terrorist attack.

I believe many intelligence service employees use this bit of psychological denial to keep themselves from the truth like a child who does not want to admit that their abusive parents are evil...the child is totally dependant on them and must repress the truth.

Just like so many ignorant people who have become so hopelessly dependant on the State that they can conceive no future with out it. Hence they will deny reality in an attempt to avoid an unpleasant truth that will force them to leave the Garden Of Eden and grow up and take responsibility for their own lives and that of their community.

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