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Default Re: Is BlueAngel losing her mind? My fears she is a threat to herself/others

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Poor, poor, Darth.

So, so, so sick.

Actually, Darth, I highly doubt it is possible for anyone to have 10,000 other people living in their head.

You might, however, be the exception.

Have you always been a pathological liar?

Like I said, and as everyone who reads this site and posts here knows, I wouldn't send you an email if my life depended upon it and, it doesn't, THANK GOD!

You can't even save yourself!
I'm not suprised you can;t remember doing it. Hell, I could be talking to some dude in your head now. Since you got more screws loose then Sybil, I don't know if I am even talking to you, to tell you the truth.
I can understand why you'd wanna kill yourself in a sense, tho. If I were your husband, I'd get rid of you by dumping you into some State Hospital and trade up for a woman with a brain that works right and doesn't make Sybil look like the poster child for Mental Health.
If i were your husband i'd be worried you'd go psycho on me..How does he know you don't have some sociopathic, nutcase alter running loose between your ears?
But you know what, let's do this: We will decide who is right by you going to some shrink. Tell them about Mk/Ultra, brainwashing, energy weapons, black helicopters and then ask them if that sounds normal. If, after telling them all that the shrink says your not totally whacked out insane, then I'll conceed the point to you. Buy I am confident they will say you're really fucked up...

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