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Default Re: Another "Wag The Dog" Extract...Why The Intelligence Services Keep Quiet. WMV File Available

Couldn't get into that site, but anyway...
I agree with what you say that many turn a blind eye, and accept things as being "for the good".

Many would be surprised at how many people are actually waiting for this NWO to actually anounce itself as so. Most of us know it is here and now. However, changes/inceptions that are just around the corner such as a national ID card, scanning of our faces/eyes in public areas are VERY welcomed!! On a larger scale: THE WAR!!
Yes, many people are very convinced that this war was needed for one thing or another.

Through the decades one would here from this source or that source that the day will come when the government will be involved in the daily lives of its citizens. Here we go. Yes, the government is that abusive, evil parent. However, most see it as a 'good' parent, and DON'T question it!! Oh no, let's not say anything. What angers me is that when you express yourself and your concerns, you get people who will come up to your face and defend the evil doings of the government and say: "don't knock the government, you're lucky to be here". At least that's what has been said to my face. You see, I was told that I am not a true US citizen!! ??

But my money is good!! Hmmm!!
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