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Default Re: ALLELUIAH!

It has some credentials for it John.

By co-incidence, my new boarder brought home a copy of Dianetics after being assailed in the street. She was completely oblivious to it's contents.

I started to flick through it and it sounds like 'Pavlovs Dog' stuff. Retraining yourself. 'Cognitive Bahavioural Therapy' as the current crop of psuedo Preists (psychologists) love to use.

By principle you are a 'Tabula Rasa', an 'empty slate' and can be programmed this way and that.

And who has used and continues to use this principal in it's attempts to control people?

I gather Hubbard is simply saying he wants to reformat the hard drive and put another operating system on.

It's pretty superficial stuff.

I noted John Travolta on Australian television recently. He's a Scientologist and to be honest looks like he's on 'Ecstasy', high dose of a SSRI or in the manic phase of Bi-Polar.

Completely out their...all love and best wishes.

Many of them I see interviewed look bi-polarish and even remind me of fundamentalist Born Again Christians...high as kites...feet WAY OFF the ground.

In my superficial perusing of his book, it has Luciferian credentials. All 'intellectual'. By simply 'reprogramming yourself away from your parents and societies 'bad' programming you will be FREE.

Free from all that supernatural, religious crap.

You will 'see the light'...Lucifer...'bringer of light'.

Welcome DUDAMAR...i was getting sick of seeing my name all over the latest post list.
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