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Default Re: PRESSURE: To Keep Up with the Joneses

Hey Jonk!

Tb from Perth.

Yes, you're gives them the thrill...the thrill of power...perchasing power.

Beneath that excitement is the fantastic feeling that i am weilding power...pretty pointless power.

Humans become depressed when they cannot control their environment. Cannot act on their creative impulse...due to...take your pick.

Once you start to 'debug' yourself, things other than widgets and the never ending pursuit of sex start to get interesting.

You start to want to influence your environment. Start writing letters to polititions, leaflet dropping, talking with people on other subjects than the new secretaries backside.

Sex and widgets are still interesting, they're just back in proportion.

Of course the never ending stream of advertising does not help. And the never ending stream of 'corporatised' music which gives NO airtime to music that protests the system. Instead it's all about 'i want your ass bitch'...'oh i miss you baby'...'look at me i'm a gangsta nigga wid da cash, bling, bling'...the youth are being targetted big time.
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