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The shit has to come out some time.

I met X and the Nova Scotia government gave X a "vaccine" that made her very ill... twice

Doctors concur that some one was trying to bump X off - lab tests prove. RCMP scared to investigate... they have family. They go after your kids here, that's what they do. It's sick!

Person who dared question authority, dropped dead at the fridge for no apparent reason. It's all very screwy as this is the sleepy little town where the big boys play. They sell islands and such things, everywhere. Nurses up here say something has got to be done about that Bridgewater hospital.

Others have spoken to X regarding this exact samething. X not the only one. Apparently, they are "poisoning" people in Bridgewater, who know too much about the coke, the money, the laundering, the mafia, or the government, or their friends.

yah, yah, yah, it's pretty ugly
patriot act 11
no whistleblowers...we can vaccinate = exterminate

Bill 109 hangs over spring legislature, CMA canadian mental health seriously questions. Govenrment doc picks you out, locks you up, drugs you out, before a judge incompetent. BYEEEE!!!!!

Things are pretty ludicrous here in Neo Nazi Scotia.

peace XXX
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