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Another local girl, age 13, has been found (not far from her home) dead.

Again, a sex-offender who knew her mother. This is why she let him in at midnight.

The same line: "it's sad that it takes something like this to bring a community together" came from the lips of a well-meaning person,

as well as: "America Needs To Wake Up".

To some, that have their views on 'much larger' issues, this is nothing more than, "yeah, we know, the mother knew this guy, they all live in a trailer park, the teen had tendancies to runaway".....

Yes, I heard those words with my own ears. People will just say their prayers, show their respects, voice themselves for a few days (some off-color things as well), and then life goes on.

Do THEY keep these type of criminals amonst us as if to KEEP US in 'our place'? For us to truly WAKE UP? And do something?

Got Truth?
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