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Default Re: Religion / Illuminati / ET's

Lights in the sky and little green men-speculations about them may always persist. But solid answers to questions about them do exist. Considering the issues in relationship to physical science, theology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and political science can help solve the mysteries.
Ever since the beggining of the "Flying Saucer age" in 1947, and even well before that, people have observed what appear to be mysterious aerial visitors. The nature of these phenomena makes them difficult, but not impossible to study. Investigators have developed classification systems to help them in shifting through the multitude of UFO reports. researchers are able to offer standard explanations for most of the sightings-the UFOs are hoaxes or fireballs or the planet Venus or the lights of an aircraft, for example.But a small percentage of UFOs remains unexplained after all the natural explanations have been exausted...where would extaterrestial intelligence come from?...The extradimensional hypothesis holds promise...The space-time theorems show that supernature must exist, because nature was plainly originated by something beyond itself. Therefore, a scientifically credible possibility exits that RUFOs (RUFOs are physical visitors from outer space) come from beyond the four familiar dimensions of the universe. If one takes the extradimensional hypothesis to mean that entities could come into the universe from a spiritual realm, one can see a remarkable correspondence between science and scripture. The Bible describes a Creator who is beyond matter, energy, and the space-time dimensions of the universe. It also describes spirit beings who are able to enter the universe and exibit physical effects. A closer examination of RUFOs shows that they are consistent with the Bible's descriptions of Demons. The RUFOs appear to be alive and to be acting in an intelligent way with malevolent intentions...the connection with the occult is plain to see in the case of those who have the closest encounters with UFOs: abductees and contactees. Abductees are people who tell astory of being captured by aliens and taken aboard spacecraft for examination. Contactees are people who claim to be used by aliens as channels of information. Thse reported experiences are completely in line with such occult practices as trance channeling of "ascended Masters"...The truth about UFOs can be known. Indeed the UFO mystery is a mystery solved. Earth is not being visited by aliens from another planet, but some people are being visited by spirit beings who want everyone to think they are aliens from another planet.

From Lights in the Sky and Little Green Men
by Hugh Ross, Kenneth Samples, and Mark Clarck

This view is consistent with the NWO agenda as the New Agers are awaiting their ascended master to unite the world in peace see this link
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