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Default Re: Is BlueAngel losing her mind? My fears she is a threat to herself/others

Originally Posted by Darth Cacodaemon View Post
Really? Hmm..Explain this then

After 911, I received a SUICIDE command.

Suicide wasn't something I had even been contemplating.

A pretty damning admission, to my thinking. I didn't know you during those sad events and you admit that it was strange because quote " Suicide wasn't somethingI had even been contemplating" end quote.
Yeah, you're as stable as a rock, Blue Angel. If a tragic and sad event like 9-11 took you to the point of contemplating killing yourself, then really if that was my intentions, all I would need to do is to metaphorically give you enough rope to hang yourself. No code words, e.t.c, that your paranoid brain sees.
Sorry, but it's not a pretty damning admission to state that I received a SUICIDE COMMAND.

It's a fact.

Not an admission.


Not a contemplation of something I wanted to do.

Something similar to a suicide suggestion when one is a victim and not a survivor as I am who is in total control of her mind.

Kindly quote wherein I stated that 911 took me to the point of contemplating killing myself.

Operative words:


I said that I received a suicide COMMAND shortly after 911.

I never said that 911 brought me to the point of wanting to commit suicide.

Kindly quote wherein I stated that 911 took me to the point of contemplating killiing myself.

I said, SUICIDE was something I was not contemplating.

I received a suicide command after 911.

I'm certain most people who are knowledgeable about mind control would understand this, but we realize your comprehension skills and intelligence reagarding mind control programs are lacking.

Playing dumb, as you do, helps, too.

Your misinterpretation of MY written word is purposeful for you, but serves NO purpose otherwise because I will DEBUNK you every time.

You can't win with me.

So, consider yourself a LOSER.

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