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Default Re: Is BlueAngel losing her mind? My fears she is a threat to herself/others

Originally Posted by Darth Cacodaemon View Post
Well, it seems that we must take anything you say with a grain of salt. By your own admission quote " In addition, drugs and hypnosis are used in order to implant screen memories and disinformation so that, if a victim begins to have break-through memories of their victimization, these screen memories/disinformation make it difficult to get to the truth.

[COLOR=Black]So...1) An admission of drugs being used (whether by volition or against your will)
2) Hypnosis
3) You admit, because of the hypnosis and drugs, your memory is less then perfect. With such an admission, you are a terrible witness to ANYTHING. In a court of law, if you were on the side of the prosecution, such an admission would negate any testimony you could provide.
4) Quote "..these screen memories/disinformation make it difficult to get to the truth". YOUR own words. Yet you ask us to take it on faith, and faith alone, that you were part of Mk/Ultra, e.t.c. Is it not logical to question outlandish claims, especially from a woman who, by her own admission, has been messed with by drugs, and hypnosis?
Fact is, BlueAngel, you don't know what happened or didn't. Yet you try to lead people to believe that you are a reliable witness, with trustworthy memories and recollections of Mk/Ultra. In this sense, YOU are the deceiver. It stands to reason then we must not accept anything you say based on what you admit is a faulty memory messed up by dope and hypnosis, but insist if we are to take you more seriously then just some lunatic who's brain was fried on L.S.D, that you provide physical evidence to substantiate your claims.
No physical evidence, no deal. We will then know you are a bullshit artist and just a sick, crazy woman who has bats in her belfry.

Do you seriously think that whether or not you accept that I was a victim of MKULTRA/Project Monarch is of any importance regarding this matter?


I'm not here trying to convince anyone of my victimization.

I could care less who believes me and who doesn't.

It's been documented.

Past and present.

I don't have to convince anyone.

If you weren't threatened with the fact that I am a witness, you wouldn't spend your time attempting to convince me or anyone else that I'm not; that I'm crazy; that I'm paranoid, blah, blah, blah.

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