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Default Re: Newbie from the UK: my story + views on social engineering

Peace be upon you,

You have reached a very important point in your quest for truth Liberty, all the main religions have been infiltrated by Satan long ago so why now the same Satan is out to destroy them!?

What many conspiracy theorists fail to understand is that Satan's troops are divided, God says that only the believers in Him alone can be united.

In my opinion there are two disputing factions in the world today, the liberal, secular tribe and the fundamentalist, conservative tribe.

The old corrupt religions belong to the second group, it seems that the first group is taking over from the second group nowadays. However Satan schemes and God also schemes, God is the best schemer.

AS for multiculturism, i just happened to add an article on my website about it, i believe that people now are stuck in fake communities, not based on belief, but based on race, colour, life style..etc

Any society based on these false illusions is on a self-destruction path. I believe also in multiracialism, however based on a "common belief".

As for Christianity, indeed the Nicene conference held by the pagan emperor Constantine 325 AD did inject all the ancient myths into Christianity.

Now Jesus is a god against his will, same happened with Judaism as they put their rabbis' laws above God's and with Islam since they idolize Muhammad and Ali instead of God alone.

But for the believers in God, there is always hope, God has annihilated the giant empires of the past, what would make the current empires any different! May God give us the patience to wait for His judgement.
God\'s alternative, USN

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