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Default Re: The Truth About the Swine Flu Epidemic


I guess I think it's more or less a way of getting us to rally against other nations, and further alienating ourselves, while distracting us from the big picture...

If you think back to any of the big plagues, it was usually the Christians (sorry!) that would persecute the Jews (most frequently) and blame them for the plague... alienating themselves in the process, and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people... all because they were scared.

So currently "they" seem to be blaming Mexico, and for a while travel was limited there... people wearing masks, and in general, in panic mode. IMHO it's a way of passing the blame on to someone else, and our government terrorizing our own people with fear in a means to deter them from what's really going on nationally and globally.

I do think the H1N1 was manufactured, but I don't think it was done to end the recession. The Federal Reserve can, and does, make money out of thin air, and is BASED on debt. Recessions and depressions are literally BUILT IN to the "Modern Money Mechanics" of The Federal Reserve, so the fact that this nation, again, is in trouble is NOT A COINCIDENCE, it is but by design.
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