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Default Re: Newbie from the UK: my story + views on social engineering

Dear Liberty,

Firstly a sincere welcome.

"I soon began to feel that there was little or no evidence for the historical Jesus, and from looking at the evidence it appeared to me that there had been a plethora of (often remarkably similar) dying saviour god-man myths stretching back thousands of years in the Mediterranean and Near East".

It seems that you are well and truly in their clutches and apparently totally unaware.

You speak like a Jungian...all the, "it's just metaphor", "it's just parable", "it's a few tips for living"'s all those and also a historical fact that Christ walked amongst us.

Even Carl Jung never wrote that Christ never existed. He simply pointed out that the life of Christ mirrored an ancient archetypal pattern. So does the heroic journey of George Washington...did he exist?

By what measure do you rate the historical evidence of Jesus?

Go here for a quick look...scroll to the bottom.

By any measure the N.T passes every test for the accuracy of an ancient text. ANY MEASURE.

But you quote David Icke as a source? DAVID ICKE! Youve got to be kidding me LIBERTY! You doubt the credential of the N.T but are prepared to listen to the twaddle of a man who beleives the world is run by "shape shifting lizards"!

No wonder God is pissed!

I dont go to church, but I know how to be intellectually honest...

Believe what you want but do not claim that their is NO historical evidence for Christ having walked amongst us.

Sincere welcome and best to you...and even you Ahmed!
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