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Default Re: Is Michael Jackson a Freemason?

Originally Posted by igwt View Post
Conspiracy Cafe had an interesting discussion 2 July and briefly mentioned the last video of MJ during rehearsal. Link to site.
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Mintwithahole said:

We wont have to wait too long before people start to say that Michael hoaxed his own death and is secretly holidaying somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle with Elvis Presley and Lord Lucan!
Michael Jackson was made for conspiracys wasn't he?


Guess you were right.

An excerpt from the link that IGWT provided:

"What happened years ago at the Neverland ranch? Was a body really found? Was it MJ?"

FYI, I would take IGWT's posts with a grain of salt.

Afterall, he believes that the Illuminati are controlled by another entity with DARK EYES, sporting a day old beard who can glide across the floor and he has seen them.
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