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Default Re: Imperial America

It's true but does'nt go deep enough.

PNAC and all their other think tank documents are conveinently there for all to see.

Their real stuff is'nt so easily found though you might try the "Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion". A 'forgery' which just happens to mirror the unfolding NWO plan EXACTLY.

"They" already control the oil. Though the middle managers fight for the scraps, the top dogs just keep chuckling.

The U.S role is as "Unilateral" thug who must be brought under the fair and balanced control of the "Multilateral" NWO institution, the U.N.

At the appropriate time, perhaps after a few million dead, caused of course by the U.S...people will be screaming for the "Secular", "Liberal" NWO institutions to bring this beast under control.

Then we will live in Totalitarian/Socialist heaven with a Political, Financial and Intellectual Elite lauding it over us peasants.

Life will be good between brain chips, retinal scans, thumb scans and frequent home and car searches...oh i cant wait!!!!
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