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Default Re: Michael Jackson is dead - Part of an ongoing surreptitious war?

To paraphrase Alex Jones: There's an ongoing war for the control of your mind, and that war is being waged in the media....If Michael Jackson was indeed murdered, it was to divert the media and ultimately the public's attention away from something else breaking in the news - a political scandal involving a high ranking Republican official. Everything else ( getting "even" with the American people) is pretty much ancillary to that. You shouldn't have any illusions about the far right in this country. They are complete psychopaths capable of damn-near anything. The last eight years of the Bush administration should have awoken everyone to that fact....The scary thing is that they are still at-large throughout this country and the rest of the world, loyal to person's and parties no longer in power, creating murder and mayhem, and in the process, forwarding their own sick agenda.

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