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Default Re: Is Michael Jackson a Freemason?

The following is one of my comments from this thread:

Normally, when THEY are involved in a criminal activity, conflicting information is purposely created around it so it is IMPOSSIBLE for the PUBLIC to know the truth, but rather so that THEY can investigate it, wrap it up and so be it!

Their hands are clean.

Michael Jackson would not have overdosed many years ago, because, perhaps, there weren't many people who knew of his drug abuse.

The prescription drug abuse scenario had to be in the making for many years so it could be blamed on HIM and not his doctors/controllers, etc.

JFK's assassination didn't become a conspiracy because it just happened that way.

They created the conspiracy complete with all the conflicting information, so they could implement the Warren Commission, come to a conclusion; wrap it up and come out with their hands clean.

As far as a MURDERING Michael Jackson to distract the public from a politician's infidelity, I highly doubt it.

What makes more sense is that Michael Jackson is more profitable for them dead than alive.

In addition, MJ was plagued with child abuse allegations.

This could go no further, because, if it did, he may have had potentially harmful information about THEM.

It it not uncommon that mind control victims are disposed of when they are no longer useful and/or become a threat.

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