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Default Masonic Lodges and Freemasons

By : Jjump22

Freemasonry began in the beginning of the 18th century by members of craft guilds who came together in lodges. At first this clan stressed religious tolerance, the equality of men, and most importantly focused on attaining enlightenment and liberation from the dogma of that age. It is said that Freemasonry is the media through which the Illuminati operates plain view of society. The history of this evidence dates back to the 1700’s when the illuminati was suppressed and supposedly disbanded. The Illuminati then poured its lower ranks into the Freemasons, where their lower scale agenda for the masses could be continued. Freemasons and the Illuminati are one and the same, the Freemasons are but the soldier class of the Illuminati. In moving up through the ranks known as degrees, you may gain membership into the illuminati based upon DNA, status, affiliations, and power.

In understanding Freemasonry, rituals and symbols are very important factors in Masonic rites. These factors are the primary means of teaching Masons the theme of Freemasonry, as these rituals and symbols trace back to ancient mythology and legends. Depending on the level of initiation these factors change in meaning, as you get closer to the truth of the orientation and nature of Freemasonry and the oneness of “their” world. In the initiation ceremony of the Masonic Blue Lodge, initiates of Freemasonry are to remove all their clothing and accessories. They are provided a garment that has the left breast exposed and one leg rolled up. The initiate is then blindfolded for the initial portion of the ritual and is led around by a rope attached to the neck. Upon approaching the oath of secrecy, the razor edge of a sword is placed against the left breast to symbolize knowledge and justice that God will reward the initiate according to his service. The initiate then talks in a circle symbolizing mystical links to the past. This is a basic description of the Masonic initiation process, as there are many more symbols and rituals involved in the process not known to the general public. The main symbols of the Masons are the square and compass, and the letter G which symbolizes Gnostic.

There are Masonic lodges all across the world, with the majority of these lodges based in the United States. Membership is non-exclusive in the lower rankings of this Cult as anyone who will serve the cause of the Masons is free to join.

Are the free masons evil, what is their true purpose?

We offer information on
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Thank you, and may peace be with you.

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