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Default Re: Masonic Lodges and Freemasons

Originally Posted by RoqEL22 View Post
Please, do explain more about the rituals and symbols of the Freemasons.
First of all, the Freemasons do not recruit, you must actively seek to join.

Once you are elected by the Brothers to join you go through the Entered Apprentice degree, after passing a proficiency (usually memorization) then you go into the Fellow Craft degree, after passing that proficiency you are then made a Master Mason. In Idaho at least, you must pass a proficiency before you get your dues card. In the 1st and 2nd degree there is a section for just the obligation and presentation of the working tools. The next section is usually the lecture where much of the degree is explained. The Master Mason degree there is an additional section where the lore/legend of Freemasonry is explained.

I will give you some of the symbols as there are many and I don't have the time today; I have a date later . The most famous symbol of the Blue Lodge, or Craft Masonry, is the Square and Compass. The square is a symbol of morality; teaching us to always be virtuous and moral beings. The compass teaches us to keep our passions within due bounds towards all mankind.

The 3 principle officers of the Lodge are the Worshipful Master, Senior Warden and Junior Warden. Each officer where's a jewel that also reminds us of important lessons learned. The Master where's the SQUARE (see above for explanation), the Sr. Warden where's the LEVEL which teaches us that we are equal and in the Lodge we all meet on the level. The Jr. Warden wears the PLUMB which admonishes us to walk uprightly before God and man. The 3-Principle officers also represent the 3 Great Pillars that are said to symbollically support Freemasonry; Wisdom (Worshipful Master), Strength (Sr. Warden), and Beauty (Jr. Warden).

I will say the number 3 has great significance in the Blue Lodge: 3 principle officers, 3 immovable jewels (Square, level, and plumb), 3 Great Lights (Holy Writings, Square, and Compass), 3 great pillars, 3 degrees, 3 tenets of Freemasonry (Broverly Love, Relief, and Truth), and 3 principles rounds of Jacob's Ladder (Faith, Hope, and Charity). There are a few others, but I am coming close to the end of my time.

Once a Brother has become a Master Mason he can pursue the other bodies, and even go for the Grand Lodge. For example, I am currently the Worshipful Master, but this next year I may try to become the Grand Lecturer (Master Ritualist) of Idaho. There are many paths to choose from.

Well, I have to hit the shower and get ready. Later.
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