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Default Re: ARE THEY WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE? And that is...?

Good effort MT, some very persuasive arguments there, wrong, but persuasive.

Freemasonry has, since its formal inception with the uniting of four London based lodges in 1717, sought an answer for its roots in history. The speculations have been as varied as the Freemasons who have offered them. Among the speculations have been the Masons of Ancient Egypt, The Roman Building Guilds, Solomon's workmen and a host of others.

In the early 1700's a new theory was presented for Masonic history and that was, that the Freemasons began in the medieval deserts of the Levant with the Crusaders and Knights Templar. The responsibility for this theory lies with two different men, Andrew Michael Ramsay and the German Baron Karl Von Hundt.

Regardless of ones acceptance or rejection, it cannot be argued that Masonry does carry within its side degrees a form of Masonic Templarism. While the Scottish Rite contains a degree revolving around the Templars, as I have discussed, I will deal with York Rite Templarism. Within Freemasonry's York Rite are found four bodies:

The Craft or Speculative Lodge:
Entered Apprentice
Master Mason

Capitular Masonry - Chapter:
Mark Master Mason
Virtual Past Master (USA)
Most Excellent Master
Royal Arch

Cryptic Rite Masonry:
Royal Master
Select Master
Super Excellent Master

Chivalric Masonry:
Illustrious Order Of The Red Cross
Order Of Malta
Order OF The Temple - Knights Templar

Hope this helps and corrects the inaacurate...........
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