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Default Re: Draft for letter to newspaper - comments pls

Yes, computers are fallible. However, the info that has and is being gathered on each and everyone of us is in such detail that they will see to it that no one makes a mistake. I don't know about any other states' or countries' policy on new hirees. But here in Florida, the minute you put in an application for employment, the record goes to a data base. You and I both know that at one time when you applied for a job, your application went into a green file cabinet and the secondary thing they did was to forward your earnings to the IRS. NOT today.

Here in the United States, it is in Georgia that there is a hugh info center that hold such detail about every citizen of the US. As I mentioned in one of the other threads, even the FBI, and of course local sheriffs departments, use this source.

I had told someone that I will look up the name of this info base. I'll try to find it today.
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