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Default Re: Michael Jackson is dead - Part of an ongoing surreptitious war?

Originally Posted by Fahrenheit 912 View Post
As I said before, these crimes are scenarioed out in such a way that they could address several different issues simultaneously. I agree with you that Jackson was worth more to the record companies dead than alive, but that is only part of an even broader picture. Here is a recording megastar on the brink of making a major comeback, complete with a whirlwind world tour, while at the same time a major political scandal breaks involving a high-ranking conservative Republican official. Now to say that some form of collusion exists or has existed between multi-billionaire record executives and elements of the political far right isn't too much of a stretch, as we are probably talking about people of basically the same mindset. In any event, the timing of Jackson's death seems to benefit all of the parties involved here, both the capitalist record executives and the gumshoes of the political far-right. The only question here, if any, is which motive is overriding. I strongly suspect that the two motivating influences mentioned here are complimentary, although they may not be the ONLY motivating influences in this case ( there may be more going on here than any of us could possibly suspect).
Oh, please.

Michael Jackson wasn't on the brink of a major comeback and kindly take your ridiculous theory that MJ was murdered by the right wingers to distract the citizen's of this country from the fact that one of our governor's had an affair elsewhere.


What a shock.

Infidelity by another politician.

Please distract me.

I can't stand the reality of it.

Michael Jackson hadn't produced much of anything for the music industry for a very long time since he was slapped with child sexual abuse charges.

They were financing him.

That isn't the way it works in their world.

You are to finance them.

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