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Default Origional Songs Against The NWO

Some people would claim that The Beatles brought down the U.S.S.R.

Perhaps original music is what will bring down the NWO.. This thread is dedicated to artists who can produce original music that is contrary to their (NWO) goals..

Hopefully, this thread will generate songs unencumbered by music industry operatives.. Lawyer types.. and reflect the creativity of "our" group..

Just to get things started... Let me submit to you guys one of my own compositions..

It is a song and you might say it is lame.. The file is 1.5 megs long.. If you don't have a hi speed connection it will take forever to download.. The file is compressed.. Here it is.. (cut and paste into google and the file will start downloading)

What I want to do is have a showcase for songs that are against the NWO.. This is a song about basic capitalism.

Come on you guys and gals.. You can do better than my feeble attempts. (I sit and play guitar with a tambourine under my foot and a harp in a rack)

Go for it.. And make them all originals so that Henry doesn't have to fight a bunch of copy write lawyers.

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