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Default Re: Religion / Illuminati / ET's

Read Nick Cooks "The Hunt For Zero Point".

The technology exists and has done for along time.

In interviews with Albert Speer (Hitlers armaments Minister) he admitted the biggest mistake Germany made was persuing "Revenge" weapons like the V1 and V2 instead of persuing their "infra red" giuded missile technology.

Speer stated they had the capability of producing infra red guided missiles, capable of hitting high flying B-17's and Lancasters, by late 1943.

Germany has fuel injected fighter aircraft in early 1930's and jet aircraft in 1939...all left unpersued until it was too late.

The 'Panther' medium tank in early 1945 had infra red sights and an auto stabiliser, main gun system which was unmatched by anyone until the early-mid 60's.

When germany put a total effort into it's technology it was unmatched.

Through operation 'paperclip', bringing Germany's best and brightest into the U.S after the war, the U.S airforce undoubtably had access to the best of Germany's high tech...probably including 'anti gravity.

Nick Cook at the beginning of his book describes the bright orbs of light that persued Allied bombers late in the war. Perfectly matching the descriptions given by many today.

I have heard reports that Australia's 'outback' has been earmarked for new U.S high tech weapons and aircraft bases. Cant wait for the light show.

It would take little for a government agency to 'mock up' a fake space ship. Given the extent of their deceit, i beleive it's a natural extension of their program of distraction and refocussing peoples attention...away from the things that matter.

I'm fully prepared for the coming Hollywood "Alien Landing" production.

Hollywood is already preparing the ground with it's latest rash of releases. Perhaps in a year or two.
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