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Default Re: Religion / Illuminati / ET's

Hey true, have you seen and read these articles?

Here's an excerpt from <a href="">THE BATTLE FOR AUM SHINRIKYO By David Guyatt</a>:

"By the early nineties Aum had developed powerful nuclear bombs and were undertaking a "crash" programme to build an earthquake weapon, according to former Senate investigator, Dan Gerber, in a telephone call to Australian Geophysicist Harry Mason.

Mason has been investigating a series of peculiar seismic "events" and other strange phenomena in the vast open spaces of Western Australia. These include 173 tremors registering 3-0 on the Richter scale, the majority of which occurred in the space of just 10 months. Significantly, Mason found that the epi-centres of these quakes were spaced at 10 kilometre intervals. Clearly, they are not of natural origin. Mason’s interest in the Aum cult followed his discovery of a large unexplained earthquake featuring strange aerial phenomena. This quake, registering 3.7 on the Richter scale took place on 28 May 1993 close to Banjawarn sheep station. Amazingly, Aum Shinrikyo commenced negotiations to purchase the sheep station three days before the earthquake. More importantly, Kiyode Hayakawa, Aum’s arms dealer set about conducting sophisticated electromagnetic testing in the vicinity of Banjawarn just prior to authorisising the purchase. These included inserting electric probes into the ground and then feeding the accumulated data into a laptop computer."

Here's a couple of articles by the same author on similar subjects:



<a href="">KILLING ME SOFTLY</a>

<a href="">NON LETHAL DEATH</a>

And so Harry Mason's research courtesy of <a href="">NEXUS MAGAZINE</a>:

<a href="">BRIGHT SKIES
Top-Secret Weapons Testing?
Part 1</a> (links to parts 2-5 in part 1)
Strange fireball events have been witnessed in many remote parts of Australia recently. With the meteor theory ruled out, could these moving plasmoids be part of some military secret-weapons program, or even the work of UFOs?
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