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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Sorry, but your pictures don't prove anything.
Actually it proves that for ISS to be a hoax, amateur astronomers like myself would have to be a part of the conspiracy. That's why the OP immediately insinuated that I might be a NASA employee.
How do you see the space station by EYE?

You just look up in the sky with your EYE and see it?
If you're not using a telescope, just your eye, it'll look like a rapidly moving bright star, which could just as easily be the OP's ballon as it could be the space station seen in my pictures of it.
Actually, I could care less whether the ISS exists or doesn't.

Just another "USELESS" conspiracy.
Fine, then why did you post on the thread? It matters to me a great deal, because it directly contradicts what I've seen and attested to with photos; if the OP is correct then I must be a habitual liar or conspirator.
I could care less whether the ISS exists or not and I'm certain that most of the world could care less, as well.
US citizens (as well as Russians, Italians, Canadians, etc) who are paying for the space station should care.
What are they doing up there, anyway?

Whatever it is, I don't see that any of it has benefited mankind.
The research done in space has provided many benefits to mankind, most of which are taken for granted on a daily basis. Many came out of Apollo, some from the shuttle, but ISS actually has resulted in a good number of scientific publications by itself.
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