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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

So, you're credentials are that you are an amateur astronomer and Alexander's credentials are the same, I suppose.

Well, then, carry on amongst yourselves guys.

In the interim, we'll await Alexander's explanation as to what purpose he believes an ISS and Space Shuttle hoax serves although, we could really CARE LESS about this topic.

Not trying to be rude.

Just the truth.

That's all.


Presently, WE are more concerned about our country's economic crisis and those persons who are suffering due to the effects of same.

Quite frankly, I'm more interested in the welfare of our countrymen than I am about the ISS and Space Shuttle, in your opinion, being a HOAX because you have not proven that if it is a HOAX, this HOAX is detrimental to society.

But, please, continue to close your eyes and pretend that YOUR THEORY of an ISS and Space Shuttle hoax is more important than the REAL and PROVEN atrocities that are being perpetrated upon mankind, as I write, are less important.

It's called humanity.

Recognize it.

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