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Default Re: Newbie from the UK: my story + views on social engineering

Liberty said:

"Like Henry Makow, I used to be left wing and a feminist; I was also pro-immigration and multiculturalism and thought that people who wished to preserve nationhood and traditional values were simply bigots..."

and that can be case. The elite controllers seek to have their hands in every pie, going with what happens and turning it this way and that to ratchet up tensions and control the outcome. The Khazar and Communist "conspiracies" or fact, going by the death tolls, are quite large and long running. The testament to their strength lies in their ability to hoodwink most people in the West. Discussion on this forum the past month or so can attest to these conspiracies. Those seeking to understand what's really going on in the world usually stop at the Bush/Imperial USA layer and can see no further. Although a true blight, is it the full picture?

If you used to be a feminist, at this time how did you see yourself being mind controlled?

"...Indeed, my university was so dominated by multi-culti globalist leftists that it's quite frightening to realise the extent to which we were indoctrinated. I guess very few of the blinkered leftist sheeple ever really consider why the political elites who promote wars and support exploitative globalist capitalism (i.e. Bad Things) are the same ones who are constantly ramming multiculturalism and "diversity" (i.e. Good Things) down our throats through the media, education and statute book....! Whilst "diversity", "hybridity" and the "vibrancy" of non-Western cultures were celebrated, anything Western and/or Christian was regarded as responsible for all the world's woes. (N.B. It is like this in pretty much all public institutions in the UK now).
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