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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

In reply to Blueangel the reason why amateurs are debating this is because no-one else is brave enough to speak out about it.

As for the purpose of the hoax, I clearly revealed this at the end of my first post. In my opinion the Nazi rocket scientists in NASA weren't to be trusted......

As for why we should be concerned with such a hoax we're not just talking about the principle of the matter, this represents a huge fraud and criminal enterprise. You've got to admit it its far bigger than Enron.

As a self confessed victim of MK-ULTRA mind control, Blueangel, surely you should be highly concerned by trends like this as well? Surely this a striking example of a government body misleading the people and abusing our rights and freedom of knowledge? And surely the Space Shuttle and ISS represent a form of mind control themselves?
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