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Default THe Conspiracy to Emasculate And Kill Men

Society for years has bagged on Men. Yet, when they want us to kill for them or to take insane risks, they come running to us. Why is this?
The war to emasculate men, a form of psychological castration, has been going on for now about 20 years. Women are taught that men are simple minded children. Many women's magazines give instructions on how to "tame" a Man.
Our society celebrates the emasculated punks who impregnate females and then runs off, never taking responsibility for their progeny.
Not only that, but grave injustices are done to men everyday. Society sens the message to Men that we are disposable, simple minded creatures. We can see this inequality when Men are forced to sing up for Selective Services, while women are not. We see this when a female pervert molests a boy, and she gets off because she is "too beautiful" to go to prison.
These injustices are wrong. We are not simply drones you squeeze out your birth canals to fight wars as automaton cannonfodder. We are not simply a paycheck for some reckless gold-digger to exploit and then throw us aside when she has cleaned us out.
It is time Men demanded equality and justice. We must insist that Women sign up for Selective Services. We must insist that Female perverts go to prison for sexually raping teenage boys, and rot there for a long, long time.

The old days of 'Women and children first is over"! If you desire equality then do not demand on your privledge, ladies. Equality means you can die and shed blood with us Men if selective services needs your warm body for war. Equality means we call a woman that rapes a teenage boy what she is- a sick, twisted, depraved pervert who should be chemically casterated once she is released for doing 15-20 years in prison. Do not tell me you're "too beautiful" to go to prison. You'r not. So what if you are raped in there? No gives a flying fuck if a male Pervert is gangraped in prison so why she we give fuck if a train of women covicts rape your pervert ass? Serves you right, you goddamn pig!

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