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Default Re: Religion / Illuminati / ET's

Thanks Drak...will read...BOOOOO WORKKKKK...

THIS...Tesla was'nt just a great scientist...he was also a great humanitarian who only wanted his work used for the good of mankind.

It's interesting to note that Tesla was researching bouncing radio waves off the ionosphere at different the same time the Tungusta event happened. I read he was so concerned he ripped down all his apparatus and destroyed the work.

There is so much to Tesla. Alot of his work is still classified. He was found dead in his hotel in New York in 1943. He was on his way to meet Rooseveltd to discuss technology he believed would end the war...or so the story goes.

The fact that so few people have heard of him speaks for itself.

His life is so interesting it would make a fantastic movie...big budget...wait and see.

Just as an add on...i just remembered...In the Oz outback is a 'special' over the horizen RADAR called "Jindalee" built in the late 70's. Bounced RADAR off the ionosphere. It was regarded as a flop...and yet it still operates to this day...hmmmmm...looks awfully like the HAAP set up in Alaska.

Will post a bit more on it with some pics.
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