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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

You just never give up do you Astronut? However you do have a tendency to misquote.

Originally Posted by Astronut View Post
It has everything to do with it, the process of breaking titanium atoms apart in a sample of titanium metal is an endothermic process.
Who said anything about breaking titanium atoms apart? Are you talking about nuclear fission Astronut?

Originally Posted by Astronut View Post
You obviously don't know what "bond dissociation energy" is or you wouldn't have offered that quote just now.
It was actually Wikipedia which spoke of "Bond dissociation energy" while explaining what "Bond energy" was. I suggest you reread the quote carefully:

"Another example: an OH bond of a water molecule (HOH) has 493.4 kJ mol-1 of bond dissociation energy, and 424.4 kJ mol-1 is needed to cleave the remaining OH bond. The BOND ENERGY of the OH bonds in water is 458.9 kJ mol-1, which is the average of the values."
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